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Devoted Studios is a production management company for external development in video games. With a mission to create equal opportunity for all talent globally to work on the games of their dreams, Devoted Studios aims to decentralize game development. We partner with 1400+ programmers, artists, and designers, from freelancers to small studios, all over the world, and not only match them to project opportunities but manage the production from A-Z.

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage timelines and production schedules for 2D and 3D art production. 
  • Review vendor estimates, put together production budgets. Own project P&L 
  • Manage and own task estimation, identify and timely communicate risks, identify critical path impediments
  • Lead production meetings with clients and vendors and create actionable items for the art team
  • Collaborate with the Creative Leads on the quality bar for a variety of game art disciplines including: ui, environments, characters, VFX, lighting and animation
  • Work with production, engineering and other disciplines to ensure a collaborative, efficient approach to the creative development of the game
  • Lead planning and agile sprints for the creatives
  • Communication with Vendors / Partners
  • Scheduling and managing the projects
  • Reporting

Jobs to do on Daily Basis:

  • Production related processes and documentation design and implementation 
  • Client Communication: 
    • Created bids, decks and proposals for the clients 
    • Presenting with BD and AD team proposals 
    • Leading client production meeting, sending team plans and reports


  • Vendor Communication:

    • Based on Clients requests, create vendor RFPs
    • Managing RFP process with vendors from initial request to final estimate and price negotiation 
    • Maintaining good relationship with vendors, communicating bidding process results 
    • Supporting and leading vendors throughout production to achieve highest project efficiency and smooth production
    • Filling in Estimation Summaries based on the collected information
  • Project Management:

    • Creating Project Plans
    • Maintain Project P&L 
    • Filling in and maintaining accuracy project start and project management related documentation 
    • Production Risk plan Development 
    • Informing all the participants / reminding about the milestones, key due dates, etc


  • English: Advanced 
  • PM Experience: 4/5+years at Gamedev projects management
  • Thorough knowledge and experience in project management, methodologies and tools
  • Attentiveness to details and documents creation is a must 
  • Ability to design and document agile production processes 
  • Ability to understand and negotiate critical art requests versus displacement of scheduled work
  • Experience with JIRA, Perforce and other Project Management Tools
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to present to large audiences including, but not limited to, the senior executive staff
  • Strong self-organization skills
  • Strong leadership skills with experience managing large internal development teams; ability to inspire and motivate


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