DEV LEAD (Unity)

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Devoted Studios is a production management company for external development in video games. With a mission to create equal opportunity for all talent globally to work on the games of their dreams, Devoted Studios aims to decentralize game development.

We partner with 1400+ programmers, artists, and designers, from freelancers to small studios, all over the world, and not only match them to project opportunities but manage the production from A-Z.

Major zones of responsibilities:

  • 5+ years of experience in game development working on Mobile & PC project.
  • Experience and knowledge in Unity (Unreal 4 and 5 will be great)
  • Experience and knowledge in backend development and tools (Playfab, Moralis, etc.)
  • Managing external teams, code
  • Estimating & reviewing high-level project estimation
  • Successful launch of 3+ game projects
  • Developing/Porting for PS, Xbox, Switch platforms would be a plus
  • Blockchain/NFT related project experience and knowledge would be a plus


Functional responsibilities:

  • Communicating with external development teams, review estimation, process and technologies
  • Communicating with clients, gathering feedback and understanding their needs
  • Providing technical guidance and requirements to development team
  • Project code review and assessment of quality and complexity
  • Providing and reviewing high-level project estimation
  • Supporting project planning
  • Creating game features and solutions on key projects
  • Creating and reviewing technical project documentation
  • Interviewing external project teams, assessing the experience and potential project match


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