Now players can monetize their game experience and that is a new trend in the industry. We move with the times and are actively involved in NFT & Blockchain projects.

Our team is eager to support your game at each stage of development — engineering, art creation, animation, level design, and management.

NFT & Blockchain
Our contribution
Project #1
A community-driven platform which features 3 main components: an NFT builder, a Marketplace, and Game Maker. Creators can make voxel assets with gaming experiences and monetize them on the blockchain.

Devoted Studios role:
Full-cycle game development, porting

Project #1
Project #2
An NFT project which has 10,000 different tokens of the collection’s zombie characters. The list of DeadFellaz holders includes Reese Witherspoon, Lionel Richie, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, and Alexis Ohanian. The collection has managed to earn over 82 million dollars since its launch.
Devoted Studios role:
Creating Decentraland, Oncyber and other experiences with Deadfellaz brand. More to be announced soon
Project #3
NFT-based MMO RPG game, set in a fantasy universe, where one can play and earn NFT items that may be traded with other players through the marketplace.

Devoted Studios role:
Full-cycle development, art production

Project #4
coin hunt world
A free-to-play mobile game with a real-world map simulation. Players can collect real crypto in the game and transfer them to their own accounts.

Devoted Studios role:
Full cycle game development and Live Operations

Project #5
Blankos Block Party
A free play-to-earn multiplayer universe owned and built by gamers. They collect vinyl toys called Blankos which hold value and can be sold or bought on the marketplace.

Devoted Studios role:
Engineering, Art production

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