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Devoted Studios is a production management company for the external development of video games headquartered in the USA. We are looking for an attentive person who understands and knows what 3D is, has experience with 3D packages such as Maya, 3DMax, Substance Painter and ather has a technical mindset, understands svn, ftp, and can read and memorize documentation to support the company activity.

To apply, please submit your resume to [email protected]


  • Motivation through results
  • Support. We are a tribe and we only talk to each other to rise each other up
  • Proactiveness
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork. The role requires exceptional communicative and leadership skills, the ability to find a compromise with the team
  • Constant growth and learning
  • Conflict mitigation

Functional responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with US-based ADs to ensure best quality of the production and delivery on time and on budget
  • Working with team on the projects (Art Director, Lead Artist, 3D Modeler)
  • Working with the internal team on quality improvements on the projects
  • Communicate in advance to the Producer in case Change Requests are needed or if out of initial estimates, providing reasoning.
  • Providing guidance to the team in case they are behind on way to speed up, optimize production, solve problems
  • Constantly look into process optimization and reducing production costs
  • Support building and driving the creation of unified production requirements, support streamlining onboarding processes for freelancers (design manuals/videos)
  • Producing proposals, estimates, templates
  • When new requests come in, review database and suggest most fitting talent for the production
  • Based on client materials, put together clear RFPs for the Producer to send out to vendors that will ensure accurate estimates. Come up with and suggest average estimates to vendors for those projects. Review estimates and give recommendations to Producer for the most fitting vendors
  • Interprete external documentation and feedback for the production team
  • Make sure vendor submissions are compliant with Client Delivery Guidelines, Specs and Submission documents.
  • Forward Deliveries to the Producer or Local AD with relevant notes
  • Review deliveries and provide clear feedback, including directions and overpaints
  • Confirm and make sure the deliveries from vendors incorporate fixes from previous feedback rounds.
  • Create QA checklists for Vendors that they would be able to submit with deliveries to simplify Devoted’s job
  • Building teams of freelance artists in different disciplines. Create internal guides for them
  • Drive building Devoted brand around artists
  • Design tests to quickly understand the skills of artists to get them set up for the projects

We offer:

  • А chance to work in a highly professional and dynamic team, special projects, and opportunities to develop professionally;
  • Strong and enthusiastic team – you will have the opportunity for knowledge sharing, learning, and professional self-development;
  • Interesting and challenging tasks – being a part of something totally new, opportunity to realize all your amazing skill set;
  • Convenient working conditions – remote work, opportunity to build your own working day with flexible working hours.


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