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Looking for a Single Hub for External Talent to Meet All Your Staffing Needs?
Devoted Studios is a US-based production management company made up of expert art directors, producers, and tech leads, wholly devoted to optimizing external development into a pain-free process. We create content for video games with the very best of overseas and local talent!
...and more!
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The Devoted talent pool of 1400+ spans cultures, experience, and personalities.
Devoted executes external game development on a global scale. We leverage unrivaled availability by partnering with a diligently vetted talent pool of the world’s best artists, supported by specialized Art Directors and production management. We stand for sustainable game development, because it’s the individual contributions of talent that creates games which stand the test of time.
For engineering projects, this translates into a network of the best talent with flexible options and multiple, competitive bids per RFP.
This unique approach allows us to maximize compatibility, considering budget, time zones, and more. Whether it's a port, co-development, full development, or more, you cherry pick your resources, and we'll put them together as one team. We then manage the production with personal attention and expertise, all with a commitment to your vision.

Devoted Production Management

We take pride in creating the conditions for talent to thrive so they can focus on what they do best, enabling devoted turnkey services that free you to pursue your vision - without the overhead.
Don't have resources to source, vet, and manage talent?
Our team is entirely made up of experienced production management who do all of that for you
Are your ideas awesome, but production planning is lagging behind?
We use custom, battle-tested tools & processes - the absolute best practices in external development
Needed something done yesterday, and no one is available?
A pool of 1400+ vetted talent partners worldwide means we always have the right talent available
A global talent network at your fingertips.
The industry is growing exponentially, and more and more great talent is popping up everyday, all over the world. We're constantly sourcing, vetting, and nurturing the best of the world's emergent game development talent and them bring them right to your door, expertly managed.
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