Devoted Stories #15: ALFIO CAPOTORTO

2D concept artist and illustrator

“Having someone else direct me makes it easier and consequently makes me work faster”

Meet Alfio, a 2D concept artist and illustrator.

I’m Alfio, born in ‘98 in Italy. I got super early into drawing and videogames (my dad’s fault) and i knew right away i wanted to be a concept artist. I’ve been in a rut for my whole adolescence but I’m just discovering how helpful for someone as anxious as me meditation can be. It also made me realize how crazy my stream of thought could get while I paint, and being present moment after moment really improves the quality of my artwork (and life!)

My specialty is environments, but I love doing character and props so much as well (it's so hard to choose!) what I'm sure of though is that I loved cyberpunk style even before I knew it was called that. My biggest issue for sure was wanting to see results right away, and because of that rushing through a piece and not getting close to my original vision. I'm learning that if you take the time you need to think, in the end you actually save a ton of time.

Having someone else direct me makes it easier and consequently makes me work faster. While working on my personal projects is always tougher because I'm always so undecided. Also, having someone else decide a deadline forces me to stick to that no matter what, sounds crazy but I more often rush a piece I don't have a deadline for. Probably because I just want to see It finished asap and it's not for work.

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