Devoted Stories #4: HURSKYI BOHDAN

3D artist

“Made in #90s”

Here’s a story of Bohdan, who made an awesome model in year...1999! Can you imagine this?

Bohdan: This model was made using a 166Hz Pentium Processor and believe it or not, it took whole night to render.

I used a LightWave 3D program to make it. Back in the day no one knew about sculpting in 3D, everything was modelled.

Maybe this will make you think about your favourite old game’s models in a different light, thinking how much differently they were made back in 90s.

We went through a long road from the first 3D models in 90s to where we are now, and I believe that in next 20 years we will be in a completely new level of sculpting and modelling possibilities.

Working in the industry for a longer while lets you witness the technological changes and improvements over the years, and it is important to always learn new stuff and to adapt to new, improved ways of creating things.

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