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Devoted Stories #1: KHOA NGUYEN

Senior 2D concept artist

Just working hard and researching new things.

I'm Khoa Nguyen, senior 2D concept artist who has been working in Gaming industry for 5 years!

My father is a traditional artist in my country, I was inspired by his oil paintings when I was a kid, so I have decided to become a digital artist because my life's passion is drawing, I can't live without it.

Actually I have no big secrets, just working hard and researching new things to improve my skills day by day so that I can go further on my career path! I think every good artist needs to do that step to do better and develop themeselves.

My piece of advice is to learn and develop daily. We face lots of challenges on our career path and the important thing is to learn, to listen and fix what you've failed in order to reach a higher level and achive what you're looking for in you career.

Mostly because of my passion and of course, my family. I need to work hard everyday, face this mad world with a confident heart and prove to the people who always support me that I'm going the right way to reach the success and follow my dream.

My dream project is to work for a big AAA game as a 2D Concept Artist with a hardworking team. That would be a great achievement for my career.

I find inspiration every single day by all of the most beautiful and talented artist out there whoever they are. I just need a second to fall in love with a nice artwork and I and get inspired.

Here is my favourite artworks

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