Devoted Stories #10: MUNKHJIN OTGONBAYAR

The blacksmith of 3D Concepts.

“You have to forge “it all” for a thousand times if you want to achieve something in a deep way.”

My specialty is 3D Concepts, making designs for Environments, Characters and Hardsurface stuff.

I’ve started as a 3D Generalist in the beginning, so I tried and experimented a lot, and in the meantime,I decided to push myself as hard as I can to become a 3D Concept Designer. 3D Artists or others, everyone faces the same obstacles. It's not about any profession or something. It's about mindgame.The person who can improve their mind and psychology and control themselves will be able to rise up when all falls apart.

There aren't any special and extraordinary people, but Special Effort makes them special. that's the only difference.

There is no way to make learning process less painful, no shortcut. If you want to achieve anything you need to pay with your effort for it.

Important thing I realised today:

Honesty is a first step for all of us - Admitting to your weaknesses and sharing it with others will help find a way to fix it! This requires extermination of an ego, so forget the ego and accept the lesson.

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