Devoted Stories #18: OLGA SHAROVA

Meet Olha, a 3D Generalist with passion for Characters

“Keep it simple”

I'm a generalist but mostly work on stylized 3D characters.


Since childhood I’ve been playing computer games and always had a curiosity about games creation pipeline. This prompted me to try different aspects of creating CGI such as software engineering, UI/UX, concept art, 3d modelling, level design. It helped me a lot to grow as an artist with a strong game-developer mindset. However, character creation is how I can truly express myself.

What allows me to create best results? I guess, training myself on focusing on base forms, overall character silhouette and playing with color palette. That is key to being able to recreate any form in 3D space. For example, choosing a complex concept to model in 3D without focusing on these core principles obviously ends up with not-so-impressive results and yet another unfinished project. Model may be well polished, but clear silhouettes do all the magic. And of course, spamming colors makes the overall look of the model too noisy. Keep it simple! After mastering it, doing more complex stuff ceases to be a problem

I always pursue tools that would come in handy on several stages of production for instance Marvelous Designer. Most of the repetitive or manual part of the work can be avoided. The Substance Academy website gives many interesting ideas and cool features to help spark creativity.


Tip: Be always open for advice, tips or critiques. Every feedback I have ever received has helped me to progress.

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