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Devoted Stories #13: OMERCAN CIRIT

Concept Artist/Illustrator

No matter what you’re struggling with, there’s definitely someone out there who has information that will help you.

1. Hello from the Devoted team. Let's get acquainted! Tell us about your role and specialization.

Hi! My name is Omercan. I’m a Concept Artist/Illustrator who mainly specializes in character design.

2. What inspired you to choose this profession?

My initial inspiration comes from comics I read in my early childhood. Back then in Turkey, we used to get comics from France, Belgium, and Italy. American comics weren't a thing really until later on, so I grew up reading all the European comics masters and being influenced by them.#nbsp;


3. Reveal a secret sauce for your professional development.

I like to keep things simple. I’m not someone who uses many different software, brushes, or workflows. If I have access to an old pencil and a copy paper, that should be enough for me to express my idea.


4. Share your experience in managing your workflows and projects.

If I can, I try to work out one specific thing a day. Focusing on one project or one specific aspect of that project during a day gives the best results.#nbsp;


5. How do you approach a project estimation and calculate your work hours?

Mostly based on my experience. I’ve got to a point where I can think of a similar project I’ve worked on in the past and base my estimation on that. With some wiggle room added on top because there’ll always be some unforeseen circumstances along the way.


6. What are your favorite platforms to share your portfolio and why?

I mainly use ArtStation and it seems to work just fine. I’m trying to get used to updating my Devoted CG portfolio as well but it keeps slipping my mind!


7. What are the main advantages of community in our industry?

The biggest advantage of having a good community is the ability to share knowledge and help each other solve problems quickly. No matter what you’re struggling with, there’s definitely someone out there who has information that will help you.


8. How do you see the future of the industry?

Our industry is still growing and becoming more and more inclusive in many aspects of it. Moving forward, I think we’re going to see some new amazing techniques co-exist with more timeless, old-school approaches together. This means opportunities for a wider range of creatives and I’m very excited to see the results.#nbsp;


9. Give some useful advice to your colleagues who are just starting out in the profession.

Be patient. Some things just take time and don’t happen overnight. Learn to enjoy the process and time takes care of the rest.


10. Last but not least, share your experience with Devoted CG and Devoted Studios

I’ve got to be a part of many exciting projects thanks to Devoted Studios and I really appreciate the opportunities given to me. Looking forward to more!

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