Devoted Stories #5: PAUL BOLD

3D artist and character art extraordinairre

"I can't stop myself sometimes"

Paul: I can't stop myself sometimes.

Sometimes I wish I lived on Venus because I can get more work done on my projects when a day lasts 2784 hours. I just love what I do, and since a while ago I started doing it almost every minute I have. It just started as "I want to be better for myself", but when you see what others do on Artstation for example, you just keep pushing yourself to be better and better and sometimes forget to rest.

Before collaborating with Devoted, I used to spend my spare time working on my personal projects, yet I understand taking a break from time to time is also a must.

Devoted: There is a lot of competition, so you need to keep pushing yourself?

Paul: Yes, of course, but that depends on what you want to do - characters, enviro, props. There are different levels of difficulty and, sure, constant training is necessary.

Devoted: You are a character artist, right?

Paul: I haven't decided yet. I think I'm a generalist, but I enjoy doing a character as much as I do working on an enviro, f.e.
I guess it's that thing when you want to do a character... You finish it and then you're like... "Wait a minute, something is missing" and then you do a prop for it - a gun, a sword, etc., and then an enviro and then it finally feels complete.
To get somewhere in this industry you gotta keep pushing yourself, no matter what kind of art you make. But remember to put your health first.

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