Lead Artist

Keep learning and don't be stingy in it.

Let’s get introduced! Tell us about yourself in a few words.

Hello everyone, Iam Ray Song. I have been in the game industry for 13 years. Now, as a shareholder of 7 kingdom, I am also responsible for the research and development of a console project in China as an Art Director.


What inspired you to choose this profession?

I liked playing games since I was a child, I also studied art and was admitted to an art school. After graduation I engaged in the next-generation game art.

Reveal a secret sauce of your professional development.

Keep learning and don't be stingy in it.

Give some useful advice to your colleagues who are just starting out in the profession.

No matter how difficult or bad your life is, please maintain professional concentration and enthusiasm for a long time. Just as the development project will be postponed, the professional development is the same.

Tell us about the project that changed you as a person.

I think it should be my first project: God of War III.

How do you see the future of the industry?

It was a very bad time, but the gaming industry was the best of times.

What do you want to learn next?

The UE5 engine is so fascinating!

What keeps you going in this mad world?

You need to be crazier than the world!

How do you manage burnouts and unfortunate difficulties as a professional?

Temporarily become a workaholic and bury yourself with countless work. Don't stop. One day you will find that methods and opportunities are always more difficult than difficulties. I want to participate in the research and development of the Naughty Dog, The Last of II. I have traveled to a lot of places and taken a lot of pictures. I like to observe different corners of the world very much.

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