Devoted Stories #11: RUBEN ORELLANA

2D Concept artist master

“The Final Design is just like a puzzle”

Devoted: What part of work took the longest to master?

Ruben: Final designs. To be honest I believe I'm still in the process to master it. As a creative you believe that your first idea has the whole potential to be the best. I decided to tell myself that wasn't enough, that there's a lot of "something’s missing". That makes me more focused, more open to changes, trying to increase my techniques, learn from other artists, approach different tools, get the right resources, get the best references and try to be as proactive as I can. One of the most important things in the process is the Feedback. Opinions of others, their perceptions - accepting it as advice will increase your own view on how to be a better artist. That "something’s missing". In the industry it will help you to understand that teamwork can be the best way to get the Final and the Best Design. For me, the Final Design is just like a puzzle that will never be finished because I always try to include something new. Said that's "something missing" it will make me focus on keep looking to master it.

Devoted: Someone who would like to do the same thing as you do might face what obstacles?

Ruben: Theory and experience. Theory as a knowledge. Experience, as in resolving problems using the knowledge you have. You can overcome those obstacles with patience. Not all of us could do something really fast. But continuous trying and repeating will lessen your obstacles or change the way you see them. What can make this process less painful is order and focus. Knowing where you want to go. Know where you are to focus on what you need.

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