Devoted Stories #8: SATISH KOTHTHOLLA

3D Digital Artist and Game Designer.

The secret is just that, work smart and make your own pipeline by using different pipeline skills.

1. Hello from the Devoted team. Let's get acquainted! Tell us about your role and specialization.

Hi, this is Sathish Koththolla, I’m a 3D Digital Artist and Game Designer. I’ve been partnering with Big AAA studios and Producing the Quality for the Games and Movies. And now I’m developing my own games while making the art for other studios.

2. What inspired you to choose this profession?

I have been a great fan of Games since my childhood, I used to play a lot of games and I still play them of course. One day I got to know about the gaming industry from a person. I started digging about it more and more. I started it at an early age. I did a masters degree in Game Art and Design.

3. Reveal a secret sauce of your professional development.

I always believe in working smartly rather than hard. I tried to invent my own pipelines for my work. I always try to make different tricks and techniques and use them in my workflow. These days some big AAA games are using my tricks and techniques for some specific artworks and shaders. I have been offering art direction to some studios along with my Art. The secret is just that, work smart and make your own pipeline by using different pipeline skills.

4. Share your experience on managing your workflows and projects.

When it comes to the work, I will always try to plan the days according to the work and try to finish before that. It is really important to plan and give the specific deadline for the specific work. I will always have an estimation of time for every work. The specific workflow that I follow always helps me to reach the work on time. I always have the necessary starting stuff to kick start and save the time for every style of project.

5. How do you approach a project estimation and calculate your work hours?

To be honest, it totally depends on the concept. For some specific works I charge them per piece instead of per hour. The more things I consider are how much time it takes when I see the concept, and what tools I need to use. For example, hair work will be constant with the price per piece most of the time. But sculpting works keep changing according to the concept.

6. What’s your favorite platform to share your portfolio and why?

Aa of now, There are few platforms I really like.I myself built so many facebook and instagram 3D communities, We share the works there most of the time and pinned. We have communities with more than 300k artists and Industry professionals. I really like Artstation as a portfolio showcase site as of now. Youtube for some game design works. Artstation is the place where every artist can check other artists' works constantly. But I really like facebook communities of mine because they always have been study material for many upcoming artists.

7. What are the main advantages of community in our industry?

If it is Facebook then So many people can meet and talk and learn from each other, Ask doubts. Get feedback and show their vision.If it is Artstation. It is more kinda showing the skills you have already got than learning. But there is a category for learning these days. So people can learn easily but at some cost of money. But on facebook people don't charge to clear your doubts.

8. How do you see the future of the industry?

I really have a clear mind about what I'm gonna do. For now I'm working on game development while working as a 3D Artist. So focusing on what I have right now. A Game Developer and Entrepreneur.

9. Give some useful advice to your colleagues who are just starting out in the profession.

Just work with your passion. Try to create your own ways always instead of just following the old methods of doing things.

10. Last but not least, share your experience with Devoted CG and Devoted Studios

I am really happy to be a part of Devoted Studios. I have been working with them for so many years now. Very friendly atmosphere and friendly people. It is a fun environment. I love it. They always give importance to the artist who works with them.

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