Building a Dream Team: Where to Hire The Sandbox Developers

The Sandbox is a buzzworthy decentralized gaming platform—it's sure to unlock fresh possibilities in game development and experiences. One of the best features? It's an opportunity for expert developers and studios to work together on immersive content that can also be monetarily rewarded on the blockchain. Let's dive into this blog post and find out more about ways to collaborate with perfect collaborators when it comes to creating amazing content within The Sandbox.

Maybe you're curious how to find just the right mix of artists and designers who can facilitate the breathtaking visuals of The Sandbox games, or perhaps you've already hired incredible professionals but are looking for collaborative tips. In any case, dive right in! This guide will go through what it takes to recruit talented people plus chat up their unique model for jumping deep into meaningful projects – all success stories within The Sandbox ecosystem!

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Official Discord Server

Looking for The Sandbox developer? Check out the “For Hire” section on The Sandbox's official Discord server! This platform gives you the opportunity to search through items other gamers have listed, providing their requirements and the services they offer. Plus, you can also list your project with ease and start connecting with others in no time.

So, once you get started make sure to include pertinent information on your vision like timeframe, budget allotment, and core abilities needed. When it comes to description, outlining all the necessary details in an organized manner ensures that those applying are suited to work on exactly what you need.

The Sandbox Recommendations

If you are looking for professional Sandbox-certified studios for your project, pay attention to The Sandbox’s website – it offers an alphabetical listing of studios and creators who specialize in voxel art and can create specifically for this platform. 

You can peruse the profiles of The Sandbox creators for hire one by one to identify a studio that best suits your requirements. On finding one, contact them with the details of your project and discuss further steps.


Your search for artists and designers with the desired qualifications is nearly complete! With The Sandbox’s website at your service, you can rest assured knowing that you have access to a professional space filled with passionate professionals who are actually excited about being a part of your projects!

Social Media 

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are great resources if you're looking for talented artists and designers. Sandbox creators often showcase their work on these sites, giving you a great idea of what it is they could achieve for you or your project. 

By using relevant hashtags such as #TheSandbox, #gamedev, or #digitalart, you will be able to narrow down your choices and focus on the content creators who specialize in knowledge areas that match what you seek. 

When there’s somebody that has caught your attention, don’t hesitate to reach out and start up a conversation! Figure out what their availability looks like now, and get an understanding of the process for getting them onboard with the task or project at hand. It's powerful knowing that digital tools like social media platforms allow you access to discover someone offering their skillset who's perfectly qualified for your needs!

Devoted Studios

If you are reading this article at the moment, congratulations! You have no need to look further because Devoted Studios is an official The Sandbox partner that has secured some amazing voxel projects in their portfolio.

Devoted Studios, based in Los Angeles and founded in 2018, is an innovative production management company that is dedicated to streamlining game development into a pain-free process. Boasting a combination of savvy overseas and local talent with a diverse range of skill sets, Devoted Studios was created with the idea to create an equal opportunity for all talented individuals to work on projects they’re passionate about. Behind this mission stands Ninel Anderson, a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years in the gaming industry.

Devoted Studios strives to create captivating gaming experiences and bring unique visions from concept to completion. We are committed to providing talented individuals from around the world the chance to unlock their full potential and showcase their skills on projects they have a personal investment in and will be proud of.

By working together with Devoted Studios, developers, content creators, and digital artists can benefit from tools designed specifically for creating voxel art materials as well as access to exclusive assets only available within The Sandbox platform. With this partnership comes opportunities to push the boundaries of creative exploration while capitalizing on resources necessary for turning imaginations into success stories!

Devoted Studios Blockchain and Metaverse Portfolio
Hell’s Kitchen


Devoted Studios have collaborated with Gordon Ramsay himself to craft the ultimate Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen experience! Visitors take a trip in LAND on ITV's The Sandbox and dive into custom-designed content. Down the line, keep an eye out for Hell’s Kitchen-themed asset giveaways, including playful limited edition Gordon Ramsay avatars. These flashy collectibles might just give players and creators the perfect finishing touch when creating their own original experiences within the world.

Blankos Block Party


The free play-to-earn universe created by gamers! Earn, collect, and own vinyl toys, creatively known as Blankos, while gaining advantageous advantages as you trade on the marketplace. Devoted Studios takes charge in engineering utility and exceptional art production designed specifically to enhance players’ experience and accompany them around the virtual world.



DeadFellaz is an NFT project with a 10K-token collection that features zombie characters! Over $82M has been earned since its launch, and it has certainly caught the interest of some A-list celebs; Reese Witherspoon, Lionel Richie, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, and Alexis Ohanian are just a few of the celebrities that have put their stamp on this brilliant collector's item. Devoted Studios had a part in creating Decentraland, Oncyber, and other experiences with this amazing brand.

Coin Hunt World


Coin Hunt World is a fast and furious free-to-play mobile game with a surprisingly realistic map simulation. Players can search the world, find real crypto, and transfer their winnings to their own accounts. At Devoted Studios, games come to life through expert engineering, artistry, animation, and level design – giving players an unbeatable gaming experience.



MagicCraft is an NFT-based MMO RPG game that provides players with an adventure through a fantasy universe, with the chance to earn exclusive NFT items that they can trade and exchange with other adventurers via the game's built-in marketplace. Devoted Studios provided full-cycle development and art production for MagicCraft's unique digital realm – making for an immersive gaming experience only found here. 

The Sandbox is all about creativity and collaboration. By hiring talented artists and designers, you can bring your vision to life and create amazing worlds that can be enjoyed by millions. Whether you use Discord, The Sandbox’s website, social media, or professional organizations, finding the right collaborators is crucial to ensure the success of your project. Take the time to communicate your ideas, be open to feedback, and build a relationship of trust with your collaborators. With a little bit of effort and teamwork, you can make history in The Sandbox.