Events That Break Into the Metaverse


Over the past two years, competition for the attention of online participants at different events has grown considerably. Organizers realized that online events require a professional approach to filming. Broadcasts have turned into full-fledged TV shows. But even this is not enough - any notification from a messenger or social network can distract a participant. VR-helmet-based meta-format gives the participants a full immersion, and the organizers - their undivided attention. In the meta-universe, there is no need to rent light sources and cameras, they can be created with a computer mouse. As noted by Anastasia Askolskaya, director of events in virtual worlds, the organizers will cease to be limited not only by the budget but even by the laws of physics.


Besides, the meta-virtual universe can give events the continuity they talk so much about in the event industry. Participants will get not just an event, but a small world where communication can go on forever.

Travis Scott's Fortnite Concert

Probably the hottest and really cool event that happened in the metaverse. During the pandemic, concerts were banned and artists "ran aground." Trying to hold online gigs turned out to be a completely uninteresting format. Then the game industry came to the rescue.


In the game, Fortnite on a particular map Travis Scott held his concert in 2020, which brought him $20 million for 10 minutes! And it was a whole new level.

The audience took seats in advance on the server where the stage was already set up. After the song started, suddenly and stunningly a huge Travis appeared and started dancing with the audience. At the same time, the players were part of the show: they were flying, diving, and even soaring into space with the singer, and all kinds of psychedelic special effects were pleasing to the eye. People's emotions were off the scale because it is impossible to repeat this in reality.

In the end, everyone stayed in the black: Fortnite increased the audience of users and added a unique skin, and Travis Scott earned $20 million in 10 minutes, which is several times higher than his usual earnings. Well, and, of course, the hype for a long time to come.

Snoop Doggy Dogg

The rapper began his conquest of the metaverse by purchasing the Death Row Records label, which he decided to make the first-ever NFT recording studio. According to the artist's plans, all members of the label would conduct their activities exactly in the metaverse. Snoop then released a music video for a joint fit with Eminem, where they appeared as the already-familiar NFT martyrs.


And then in the Sandbox metaverse, Snoop bought huge plots on which he plans to build a chic mansion, as well as an entertainment park Snoopverse. There will be an art gallery in addition to concerts and VIP parties, and guests can get unique tokens for completing various game tasks.

After this news, the value of the virtual land skyrocketed, and in December 2021, a record $458,000 deal was struck for the rapper's neighboring property.

Digital Fashion Week

This March, Decentraland hosted its first-ever virtual fashion week.

Over 4 days, guests could attend virtual shows for free, as well as parties, lectures, and film screenings. Items that they liked could be purchased digitally, as well as ordered tailoring in reality.


Among the 60 participants were fashion giants (D&G, Balenciaga, Hugo, Gucci, Burberry, etc.), independent designers, as well as digital fashion houses that do not produce physical clothing in principle (FEWOCiOUS, The Fabricant).


The organizers have already announced that Digital Fashion Week will be an annual event.

Pride Month in Sandbox

Pride Month this year was not only celebrated all over the world but also in Metaverse. Sandbox celebrated pride this year with the collection of 8,430 NFT avatars released by People of Crypto Lab with NYX Professional Makeup.


On 24 June 2022 together with People of Crypto Sandbox launched a hub dedicated to equality, diversity, and inclusivity: “The Valley of Belonging”. To mark this event they collaborated with NYX Professional Makeup to release a collection of unique avatars that emphasize that makeup is genderless and represent the global majority of communities of color and LGBTQIA+.

NYX Professional Makeup stated to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the NFT avatars to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, a total of $50,000.

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