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How to Get Hired to AAA Studios: Tips from Artem Volchik

There are no professionals in gaming who do not aspire to work on AAA projects. Instead, some 2D/3D artists or illustrators may need confidence. If you want to bolster your confidence by earning +100 Confidence Points, explore our YouTube "Get Hired" series

Additionally, the insights shared in these episodes will prove valuable to seasoned professionals and startup owners searching for suitable artists, offering a clearer understanding of the criteria for identifying the ideal candidate.

Ninel Anderson (CEO at Devoted Studios) recently hosted an interview with Artem Volchik (Art Director at Raid Base Inc), where they delved into suggestions for enhancing portfolios to maximize the chances of landing exciting positions at AAA companies. We're eagerly anticipating practical reviews of actual portfolios, which can serve as invaluable resources for presenting one's work more effectively.

A Brief About Artem Volchik

Artem's journey began as an ordinary teenager with a penchant for watching cartoons, playing computer games, and indulging in imaginative musings. Little did he know that his initial foray into drawing mods and characters from Half-Life and Quake would be the stepping stones to his career in the GameDev industry. Through these pursuits, he honed his skills and cultivated valuable connections within the industry.

How to Get Hired on AAA Project

Having already contributed to renowned companies like Riot Games, known for their popular titles Valorant and League of Legends, Artem understands that the key ingredient to success in an artistic endeavor is an unwavering passion for the craft. This enthusiasm propels professionals like him to strive for daily improvement, ultimately creating exceptional games that epitomize effective advertising.

However, the revelations in the text and video are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more invaluable insights awaiting you.

3 Key Elements of the Best Artist in GameDev

Every illustrator and artist is a unique specialist despite working with similar tools. Therefore, each project requires a suitable professional. Here are the three main qualities to look for in applicants:

  • Personal involvement in the project: Don't prioritize ranks or statuses; focus on the candidate's enthusiasm and dedication. If a candidate passionately discusses their role and shares exciting experiences during the interview, note it.
  • Utilization of new technologies and methods: Beware of candidates who claim to be a "3D Generalist" and insist they can handle any task. If you seek a Strong Environment Artist, ensure the candidate meets your requirements.
  • Relevant experience: Verifying that the candidate possesses sufficient attention to detail and relevant experience in your field is crucial.

As previously mentioned in our Blog articles, hiring actively engaged professionals is the most effective way to accelerate game production. Also, this advice will be good for artists and illustrators who want to participate in AAA Studio.

We need more insights

An interview with an engaging and experienced Art Director like Artem always yields valuable insights. Every word he shares is laden with information that can enlighten and inspire. We highly encourage you to watch the full "Get Hired" video on YouTube to gain access to this wealth of knowledge.

In the interview with Ninel and Artem, you can expect:

  • Detailed insights into the interview and onboarding processes for the Art Team at AAA studios.
  • A comprehensive overview of successful and unsuccessful cases within portfolios provides invaluable learning opportunities.
  • An intriguing discussion on AI versus Human creativity, where the guest from the studio will attempt to discern between works produced by AI platforms and those crafted by human artists.

This episode will provide you with an in-depth comprehension of the internal mechanisms of AAA studios, as well as their contribution to contemporary top-notch projects.