We're not your typical art house!
What if you could have transparency and confidence in the actual talent working on your project, without blowing your budget or dealing with the hassle of recruiting freelancers?
Don't have resources to source, vet, and manage talent?
Our internal team is entirely made up of experienced production management that takes the fear out of ExDev.
Are your ideas awesome, but production planning is lagging behind?
We use custom, battle-tested tools & processes - the absolute best practices in external development
Needed something done yesterday, and no one is available?
A pool of 1400+ vetted talent partners worldwide means we always have the right talent available
Production Management
Sourcing and Vetting
We curate the world’s best talent to staff each project with precision for fit and quality, not just what we have available
Stellar Management
We are obsessive masterminders of tools and processes. What you call necessary routine, we actually enjoy!
Timely deliveries
Distributed projects require very close attention and flexibility. We handle that for you - on time, and on budget.
Devoted Producer
The Devoted Producer keeps everything on track and makes our team feel like your team

  • Your dedicated point of contact for all questions
  • Supports all scheduling and communication
  • Creates and enforces the roadmap
  • Handles contingency plans and manages risks when something comes up
  • Ensures that the Art Director can focus solely on creative and not project management
  • Manages and supports the team overall
Devoted Art Director
The Devoted Art Director ensures quality and consistency of deliveries to your style and quality bar, no matter which artists are on the job

  • Speaks to your art director to understand the nuances of the project’s requirements, or fills in as art director if your project doesn't have one
  • Vets and manages artists for the project
  • Gives internal feedback before deliveries even reach your inbox
  • When necessary, acts as extra firepower to augment, improve, or speed up deliveries
Devoted Art QA Manager
The Devoted Art QA Manager is the last line of defense for more complex or larger projects

  • Internalize complex projects’ delivery requirements like a bible
  • Double and triple checks that everything is up to specs & tech guidelines. Obsessed with naming conventions! Yup, those people exist
  • Asset integration and delivery
  • Works with Devoted IT for P4, SVN, or other pipeline integration
Art Services
  • Character and Creatures
  • Environments and Props
  • Illustrations (Key Art, Card Art)
  • Worldbuilding Studies
  • Character Modeling
  • Environment & Props Modeling
  • Art Direction
  • Upresing and Downresing Assets
  • Animation
  • Scan Cleanup
  • UX Design
  • UX Design for mobile experiences (ports)
  • UI Production
  • UI/UX Full Pipeline Design & Implementation
  • Stylized VFX
  • AAA Icons
  • AAA Character & Creature Animation
  • Stylized/mobile Character & Creature Animation
...and More!
  • Lighting
  • Technical Art
  • Asset Integration
  • Lighting
Engineering Services
Unreal Engineering
Unity Engineering
Turnkey Game Porting
Network Porting
Full Game Development
Backend Solutions
 3rd Party Integrations
Technical Art
Tools Development
Custom Solutions
We help build your own supergroup - this freelance artist, that development team, this UX designer. Build your internal team externally; Never compromise again!
Don't know where to start? Free consulting for first time outsourcers!
Full-service prototyping to show your investors; Don't hire a full time team until you're ready!
One RFP, Multiple Bids: For any project, we'll source multiple fitting teams with pros and cons for you to choose from!
Augment your team with specialized talent on retainer, on demand!
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