What is Game Co-Development

In 2024, Game Development no longer necessitates competing against top professionals or resorting to underhanded tactics like eavesdropping on "million-dollar ideas" from rivals. Mutually advantageous partnerships and thriving collaborations mark the 21st century. Therefore, the key lies in enhancing effectiveness rather than cunning strategies.

Co-development is the optimal approach for swiftly introducing your inaugural game to users. Explore how co-development facilitates this process and discover the associated "side effects" in the detailed article below.

Understanding Co-Development

Collaborative development, also called co-development, is a process wherein multiple studios join forces to create an entire game or a specific component of it. This collaborative effort spans various facets of game development, including art, programming, level design, and sound design. A noteworthy instance of co-development is the partnership between Devoted Studios and Sandbox's development team for Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen." Our collaboration involved crafting characters, animations, and level designs. While the Sandbox team could handle these tasks independently, they collaborated with us for specific reasons.

Devoted Studios Game Co-Development

Explore our in-depth article to better understand the benefits and complexities of co-development in game creation. Meanwhile, let's examine the crucial distinctions between this collaborative approach and outsourcing.

How Co-Development Differs from Outsourcing

Co-development and outsourcing, while resembling each other, can be sources of confusion for freelancers and start-up studios. To exhibit professionalism to your partners and establish essential processes, it's crucial to discern the differences between these approaches. The primary distinction lies in defining tasks and the powers vested in each party. Consider the following examples:

  • Outsourcing entails handing over the project to a third party with minimal ongoing communication. Devoted Studios, for instance, played a pivotal role in the comprehensive porting of Spellbreak to the Nintendo Switch, encompassing concept work, animation, and development.
  • On the other hand, co-development involves a collaborative creation process, featuring daily meetings, stand-ups among diverse teams, and synchronization of reports and overall sprints. Our involvement in the development of the MMORPG Palia, in collaboration with Singularity 6 and Epic Games, serves as a pertinent illustration of co-development dynamics.

For those aspiring to create a group with thousands of positive reviews on Steam and similar platforms, you must choose co-development partners judiciously. 

  • Seek a team with a spectrum of skills, from Game Designers to Blockchain Developers; 
  • A collaboration that translates to savings exceeding $5,000 in your budget; 
  • A team of specialists committed to meeting deadlines. 

Devoted Studios stands out as the ideal partner meeting these criteria. For those searching for a reliable partner, feel free to contact us via email.

Why You Need Co-Development in 2024

In the past, companies like Activision dominated game creation with their large teams of over 200 professionals, allowing for extensive customization of processes. However, the landscape has evolved with the introduction of Scrum methodologies, improved Git, and enhanced online communication.

Joint development is gaining prominence, enabling multiple teams worldwide to lead projects and create games in just two months or more. Co-development serves as the linchpin in this paradigm shift.

Contemporary platforms like Sandbox and Roblox increasingly attract co-development freelancers and individual teams. Collaborating with other studios not only expands your capabilities but also enables the creation of more thrilling and engaging experiences for players.

If you're searching for reliable partners and aiming to craft a unique game while optimizing your budget, kindly fill out the form below. Let's initiate a discussion about our potential collaborative game development venture.