CASE 07. Concept Art & Character Modeling

Co-Development for Animal Jam
Devoted Studios Role: Character Design, Asset Design, Environment Design

About the Game

Animal Jam Classic is an engaging virtual world for kids up to 12 years old, inspiring them to explore the animal kingdom. Developed collaboratively with WildWorks and National Geographic in 2010, kids embark on exciting adventures with awesome activities that challenge their ingenuity and open the door to zoology knowledge! Mini-games, puzzles, socialization events and much more keep players coming back again and again. It’s a hands-on learning experience that combines elements of exploration, fun, and socializing – let Animal Jam Classic be your child's way into discovering science!

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Our passionate and experienced team has been proudly working hand in hand with WildWorks to design highly interactive content for Animal Jam. Cuddly creatures, captivating animations, one-of-a-kind cosmetics, and stunning environments are just a few of the seemingly infinite possibilities we were working on. Our goal was to ensure an unforgettable experience for players diving into Animal Jam's virtual world where exploration is encouraged and offbeat fun is plenty.


Players now have a chance to make their virtual homes even more inviting! With the added animals, they can choose from different furniture you outfit their dens with. Making those important interior design decisions to fit each unique style and creating that perfect home isn't all they can do. All of that extra pet company also brings with it some brand new ways to customize even further. Players now have options for buying fresh clothing and decor items that'll truly make their practice house a private haven.