Devoted SpeakEasy #1: What Can Game Art Production Learn From Movie

From Hobbiton to Stars: Lance Powell's Journey as a Video Game Art Director | Devoted Speakeasy E01

How it all started – watch the first episode of the Devoted SpeakEasy Podcast and meet Lance Powell. Lance is an Executive Art Director who has made an impressive transition from the movie to the game industry, adding incredible projects to his portfolio such as Lord of the Rings 2 and  3, Shrek 2, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Cloud Imperium’s Star Citizen, and others.

In this episode, we discussed his contribution to the world-famous saga as a Surface & Texture Artist, the working process on Mech Warrior ll, and his experience with the Medal of Honor.  


( 00:00 ) — Intro
( 4:20 ) — Working on Mech Warrior ll at Activision
( 10:00 ) — Working as a texture/surfacing artist working on Lord of the Rings 2 / 3 and Shrek 2
( 47:06 ) — Working as an Art Director on Medal of Honor: Airborne

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