Devoted SpeakEasy #2: Techniques & Leading Like a Conductor

Daniel Dociu: Developing IPs; Styles, Techniques & Leading Like a Conductor. Devoted SpeakEasy E02

Daniel Dociu is one of the most famous Art Directors in the industry.

Known for his work for Guild Wars and his incredible style, he is able to create incredible concepts that immediately grab attention. 

We hosted him at the Devoted SpeakEasy podcast to ask about best practices of team leadership; how the teams were built for Guild Wats I and Guild Wars II; what skills and qualities you should have to get hired on his team; what are his favorite techniques and brushes. Watch this episode to find the answers.


( 00:00 ) — Intro
( 7:50 ) — How to lead a team like a conductor
( 9:20 ) — How the art teams of Guild Wars 1 and 2 were built
( 20:20 ) — Things Daniel looks for in artists
( 33:00 ) — How allowing aberrations in art style builds more plausible worlds
( 35:40 ) — How to develop IPs?
( 39:50 ) — Techniques and brushes
( 42:30 ) — and the differences between original IP development vs movie based

Watch the full episode at the link