Devoted SpeakEasy #5: Raise Money in Gaming

14 Things to Know to Raise VC Money in Gaming. Devoted Speakeasy E05 by Ninel Anderson 

This episode hosts amazing thinkers who analyze gaming trends and distribute venture capital among the products with high potential for success. In this podcast, you’ll meet Sam Englebardt and Richard Kim, Partners at Galaxy Interactive, as well as William Rhys Dekle, Partner at Strategic Alternatives.

Together with our amazing host Ninel (Gryuner) Anderson they discussed modern trends and game industry changes in the after-pandemic times, and shed some light on the decision-making process of how the projects are chosen to be invested in. Must-watch for game producers who want to raise VC money.


( 00:00 ) — Intro
( 01:50 ) — 5 things investors are looking for in a pitch
( 03:53 ) — How do investors do their due diligence on content?
( 07:43 ) — The Pitch Process, and case studies from Galaxy’s portfolio
( 20:53 ) — Cold calling investors vs. warm intro?
( 22:42 ) — Is building a “Founder Brand” a necessity?
( 23:10 ) — How to research investors?
( 27:25 ) — Are consultants helpful in raising money?
( 29:17 ) — Supporting each other is key!
( 30:27 ) — What is the difference between a lead investor and a follower?
( 31:10 ) — How do you price your business?
( 36:05 ) — Do your math! Is VC actually a good solution for you? What other options do you have?
( 37:29 ) — Overall time, from starting pitching, to term sheet draft, to the final version. When would you actually receive the money in your account?
( 38:55 ) — What's the usual time between the rounds? What should the founder be doing in between rounds?
( 42:52 ) — How has the process changed with the advent of the pandemic?

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