Devoted SpeakEasy #6: Character Customization That Sells

Character Customization That Sells with Tramell Isaac. Devoted Speakeasy E06 by Ninel Anderson

This episode’s guest is Tramell Isaac, the Vice President of Art at IllFonic, Art Director of the Fallout series, Planetside, Planetside 2, Predator: Hunting Ground, Duke Nukem Forever, and Lawbreakers. We promise that this interview is as impressive as Trammel’s track record!

Watch this episode to find out about how great projects start, how to make your content sellable, and why the players like customized assets so much. Improve your knowledge of the game art industry with Devoted SpeakEasy. 


(00:00) — Intro
(0:58) — Game production steps from the very first day
(3:06) — Character customization tips and tricks
(4:02) — Building unique distinguish character factions
(7:31) — Creating valuable and sellable content
(9:03) — How to find out what your users want to buy
(13:17) — Involving community into building content
(15:26) — Budgeting character customization
(21:45) — Career choices and recommendations
(27:00) — What makes a great artist
(29:07) — DO’s and DON’T’s in becoming a Lead Artist
(33:42) — Lead artist: creating content VS management

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