Devoted SpeakEasy #9: How to Build an Art Career In Games

How to Build A Career in Gamedev: Tips from an Art Director. SpeakEasy E09 with Horia Dociu

Is it the best time to become an artist now? What steps should you take today to become an Art Director at Pixar in the future? What does the artist’s lifestyle look like? And how to tolerate negative feedback? Find out with Horia Dociu, our beloved guest on the Devoted SpeakEasy podcast.

Horia Dociu is an Artist, Cinematic Director, and Art Director who worked with ArenaNet, Sucker Punch, Valve Software, and other industry-recognized studios. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a piece of advice from him. Besides, he has a very charismatic personality, so we can guarantee that you really enjoy this interview.


( 0:00 ) — Intro
( 0:44 ) — Horia Dociu's legacy
( 1:46 ) — Why it’s an excellent time to be an artist
( 3:57 ) — What portfolio should you have to be hired at the Call of Duty team
( 5:23 ) — What you should do to become a Pixar movie director in 20 years
( 7:27 ) — Changing your plan from “becoming famous” to “becoming great at”
( 8:55 ) — Is studying at college a must for artists?
( 11:27 ) — How to put goals according to the OKR system
( 14:20 ) — How to change your lifestyle to become a better artist
( 17:27 ) — A piece of advice from Milton Kahl, a legendary animator from Disney studio
( 18:41 ) — How to make use of feedback
( 22:30 ) — How to align your strong skills with your ambitions

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