Devoted Studios + Razom for Ukraine: Help Ukrainians with Us

All the people on planet Earth are one big family. We may reside in different homes, various countries, and even on separate continents, but we share everyday feelings and concerns with our other people. It is particularly true for children, women, and all those left without food and at home.

Winter is approaching, and a significant number of Ukrainians, including children, women, and the elderly, are at risk of being left without a roof over their heads, without the means of subsistence, and clothing and food. That's why we at Devoted Studios, in collaboration with Razom for Ukraine, are initiating a relief effort and are prepared to extend a helping hand to those who need it most right now.

Help Thousands of Ukrainians With Us

Today, it's hard to believe that in the 21st century, even in an advanced European country, there can be thousands of children, women, and elderly individuals without homes and food. But with winter is coming...

We empathize with and genuinely care for every Ukrainian who has been confronted with these challenges due to the outbreak of a full-scale war. Therefore, we cannot simply stand by and watch. With the support of the non-profit organization “Razom for Ukraine” and your contributions, we can provide vital aid to those in need.

We have a plan, and we share it with you.

You Can Save Lives

Our top priority is to help those in need prepare for the winter. Together, we are working to set up the essential shelters that will provide refuge for thousands of Ukrainians.

Right now, they require:

  • Generators
  • Power Banks
  • Heaters
  • Necessary tools and materials for shelter repairs and enhancements


Each donation you make is a ray of hope for children whose childhood has been stolen by the war. These funds will aid in evacuating those currently within range of Russian missiles and artillery fire. They need safety, warm clothing, food, psychological support, and the reassurance that they are not alone. You can make a difference, as even a one-dollar contribution can save lives.

We are continually informed about the needs of Ukrainians through our close collaboration with prominent Ukrainian volunteer organizations. It enables us to promptly address the requests of those affected, coordinate evacuations, procure medications at minimal costs, and dispatch humanitarian aid.

If You Want to Help

You can contribute an amount that you're comfortable with, knowing it will be put to good use. For verification of our legitimacy and to view relevant documents, please visit our website. To delve deeper into this project and observe our past achievements, click here.
To ensure secure and straightforward donations, we have designed a dedicated page. We sincerely appreciate every contribution. If you wish to become a sponsor, kindly contact us.