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How to Get Hired at Singularity 6

We've recently launched a new YouTube show called "Get Hired," where we engage with Art Leads and Directors. In this show, you won't just find "the best tips from the Internet" but also hear the real-life stories of accomplished professionals who have achieved their goals through perseverance and action. Rest assured, they are well-versed in and share practical secrets.

If you've already watched the first episode of "Get Hired" on the Devoted Studios YouTube channel, you've already had the chance to meet our first guest, Jeremy Fenske, Art Director at Palia. Jeremy is renowned for his exquisite concept collections in Elder Scrolls and Destiny 2. However, he didn't start his career with famous companies. Like all of us, he began early in his career, and certain decisions were pivotal in his journey. That is why we've compiled the top 5 tips from Jeremy on how to become the most competitive candidate.

1. Put in More Effort, and You'll Reap the Rewards

Portfolios don't magically materialize; they are born from a genuine passion for one's craft. At the outset of his professional journey, Jeremy actively worked and acquired real-world experience instead of waiting to complete formal training. This proactive approach allowed him to amass a substantial portfolio, ultimately securing a position at Elder Scrolls.

2. Don’t Wait, but Act

Jeremy revealed that he started sending out his portfolio before completing art school. Like all newcomers, he, too, had doubts. However, summoning your inner boldness is essential to secure more opportunities. Interestingly, this tactic enabled Jeremy to receive multiple job offers and ultimately choose his desired career path.

3. Don't Worry About Failure – Try Again

When you're a Junior Artist and apply to numerous job openings, you will encounter your fair share of rejections. It can be pretty demoralizing, and if you've already faced such setbacks, you understand the feeling. However, reminding yourself that every rejection doesn't define your skills or diminish your experience is crucial.

Each rejection isn't a personal judgment or an indictment of your abilities. Instead, it's typically a business decision made on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, Jeremy and we strongly recommend not dwelling on these rejections but persevering in your pursuit of opportunities.

4. Take Pride in Being a Junior Artist

Large companies require Junior specialists for three critical reasons:

Fresh Ideas and Energy: Young colleagues bring a constant flow of new ideas and enthusiasm, invigorating the creative process within the company.

Skill Development: Junior Artists provide the opportunity to nurture and mentor individuals, enhancing the growth and development of Middle and Senior Artists. Teaching someone is a form of self-learning.

Scaling for Ambitious Goals: Hiring Junior specialists contributes to the company's ability to scale its operations and pursue more ambitious objectives effectively.

It's essential to remember that even the most accomplished Lead or Senior Artist started as a Junior with minimal experience. Countless mistakes and failures marked their journey, but precisely, these experiences ultimately led them to become the best in their field.

5. How to Get Hired at Singularity 6

That's the most pressing question on your mind. Jeremy provided a clear and concise answer: write to him now, and he will arrange everything (it was a joke). Actually, contact the recruiters and submit your resume through S6's career page. Be encouraged if you receive an immediate response. Your CV will undoubtedly be reviewed, and if your experience aligns with the company's requirements, you may be invited for an interview.

Final Thoughts: Watchfulness Makes Sense

If you've already watched "Get Hired with Jeremy," you've witnessed how Jeremy professionally evaluates other artists' portfolios. Forget the approach where Lead managers critique the work. With a keen sense of detail, you can appreciate the strengths in the creations of fellow professionals and integrate them into your work.

You can find many more detailed tips in the "Get Hired" show. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and stay updated with the latest releases.