How to get hired at EA’s first-party studio? Gaming Career Insights

Welcome back to the "Get Hired" section. Devoted Studios has just released an intriguing new video on YouTube for individuals aspiring to land their dream job at Ridgeline Games and become part of the team behind the Battlefield Franchise.

In this video, Ninel Anderson (CEO of Devoted Studios) sat down with Chris Matthews (Art Director and Co-founder of Ridgeline Games) to discuss how candidates can stand out and catch the attention of the hiring team. Additionally, Chris addressed questions from the network's followers that we've collected for him.

If you're eager to glean valuable insights from the highly renowned Art Director who kick-started his career as a designer without a computer, read on. Discover what it takes for those aiming to join prestigious companies and contribute to globally acclaimed projects. But first, let's delve into a brief introduction about Chris.

Chris Matthews Gaming Career: 3 Breathtaking Facts

We are sure many of you will find parallels in your journeys when learning about Chris's background. So, let's dive in.

  • Chris developed a passion for amateur drawing during his school days. This interest significantly influenced his path, as he was uncertain about his post-school plans. Consequently, he ventured into the design department.
  • Chris brought along an A4 renderer during his first interview, a common practice when computers and laptops were less ubiquitous.
  • Chris's passion for creating unique designs has made him one of the most sought-after Art Directors in the industry. So now, he is contributing to the Battlefield ecosystem and other globally renowned projects.

Now, let's explore his recommendations for aspiring designers who aim to secure their game development jobs.

Get Hired: Human vs AI

How to Get Hired in GameDev: TOP-3 Advice From Chris Matthews

You distinguish yourself with your approach to any problem

Ryan inquired, "What does an interview do?" Having conducted numerous interviews with designers of varying experience levels, Chris emphasized the significance of observing how candidates tackle problems. We're confident you encountered a question you didn't know the answer to in one of your interviews. Do you recall your response? You may have attempted to convey your knowledge through vague phrases.

Do you understand what an interviewer anticipates from you in such moments? Honesty. Responding with "I don’t know, but I am eager to learn..." positions you as an honest and determined professional. After all, it's impossible to possess all-encompassing knowledge, but a commitment to continual learning is crucial.

Work on the AAA Portfolio

George inquires, "What models do you prefer to see in your portfolio?" Undoubtedly, it's most gratifying to encounter high-quality models in a meticulously polished and perfectly executed game dev portfolio.

This outcome is achievable when you genuinely understand how your elements will interact on the screen.

Always Be Hungry

Chris continually seeks individuals who aspire to craft unique designs and serve as his biggest fans and critics. Essentially, one cannot strive to be the best while remaining stagnant. The hunger for success is vital, and feel free to share your work on ArtStation and other platforms—Chris makes an effort to respond.

If you are eager to enhance your skills and create exceptional work, contact the gaming Career page or connect with our recruiters on LinkedIn. Who knows, you might soon find yourself working at EA.

Indeed, this isn't all the information you need to know. Many more valuable insights await you in Ninel and Chris's interview. To gain knowledge from them, watch the interview.

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