The Power of Collaboration: How Fortnite Brings a Whopping $50 Million in Just a Few Hours

Even if you don't play Fortnite or like the same shooters, you can't argue with the company's success. We will now discuss how collaboration is essential to Epic Games' success. The key to significantly increasing the revenue of your gaming business is forming the Right Partners.

However, only some partnerships are as advantageous to the brand as others. Lord of the Rings: Gollum` case has shown how even massive licenses may let consumers and STEAM communities down. As a result, Devoted Studios will discuss the significant partnerships and missteps that Fortnite has made that have kept the game from being even more popular.

Fortnite Success: From 2018 to 2024

Fortnight is a brand, like the Marvel or Lego licenses. Its main goal is to maximize profit and regularly increase the number of active users in the game. Thanks to collaboration, the game breaks records and goals.

Fortnite + Marvel Collaboration

For example, in 2018-2019, even before COVID-19, thanks to the active Fortnite policy, the company attracted 350 million unique players. Thanks to these players and the introduction of purchases of collectible items, the game received more than $9 million.

The collaboration between Fortnite and the NFL (2021) brought the game $50 million in just a few hours. Through such partnerships, brands come out to meet goals and grow. Do you think it’s worth it or not? Let’s compare it to Marvel’s income. According to official records, Marvel earned $25 billion between 2008 and 2022. Compare these numbers and be sure that collaborations do help significantly increase profits.

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Fortnite and Artists' Collaborations

Fortnite has embraced the transmedia strategy, and each collaboration has a history. One of Fortnite's most extensive collaborations was with Travis Scott. Here's what Epic Games got from this collaboration:

  • In total, the partnership gathered about 46 million players.
  • About 28 million players joined the live in-game event.

The collaboration with Travis Scott made Fortnite one of the most discussed games on the planet.

Fortnite + Travis Scott Collaboration

The collaboration with Eminem became another legendary partnership. In addition to an exciting performance, Epic Games attracted millions of players in a limited time by introducing a limited series of skins.

Fortnite: Collaboration Fails

Sometimes, you must make a mistake to get the best collaboration for $20+ million. And Fortnite is no exception. Let us remember the brightest of them:

  • Despite their popularity, the Ghostbusters' skins have yet to yield the expected results.
  • The same unexpected result was obtained after cooperation with Matrix licenses.
  • Players were very eager to have Pennywise in the game, but the game did not attract enough players.

Fortnite Collaboration - Wreck-it Ralph

As you can see, even the best licenses sometimes fulfill expectations. However, such mistakes can also be a springboard to future great results.


GameDev collaborations can make your company an authentic brand but can also disappoint fans. Unfortunately, there is no secret strategy for always choosing the best partners.

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