Why is the trend of Game Outsourcing studios growing?

The dawn of the game outsourcing studios era can be traced back to 1979, a pivotal moment spurred by issues faced by Atari, one of the gaming giants at the time. This audacious step introduced Activision to the world, eventually leading to millions of players enjoying Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and other games.

In the contemporary landscape, game outsourcing studios have carved out a unique niche that is no longer merely an alternative to traditional game development companies. It has evolved into a burgeoning trend within the game development industry. In the following sections, we will delve into the five reasons why, in 2024, we strongly recommend considering collaboration with established studios like Devoted Studios instead of embarking on the journey of creating your own game company.

Five reasons to choose Game Outsourcing Studios

Below, we explore five "whys" you should collaborate with a game outsourcing studio to achieve exceptional results with minimal effort.

1. Accelerate the Quest for the Right Experts

In practical terms, hiring a Strong Middle or Senior Developer through a company necessitates the involvement of several top-tier specialists, including:

Sourcers or Recruiters, 
HRD or Talent Acquisition Manager,
Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
Lead Developer with expertise in a specific niche. 

However, even with such experts on your team, swiftly recruiting and integrating the required developers is impossible. Moreover, highly skilled professionals are often already committed to ongoing projects. Securing their commitment to your team typically requires protracted negotiations and more favorable terms.

On the other hand, collaborating with studios can save you valuable time. Clients outline the tasks they need to accomplish, and studios engage trusted professionals well-suited for these assignments. Over five years of operation, Devoted Studios has cultivated relationships with teams and honed customized workflows, expediting the development process and resulting in substantial cost savings for clients.

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For instance, let us share our significant experience porting "Five Nights at Freddy's" from a computer platform to the Nintendo Switch. Transferring a resource-intensive product to a console with optimization constraints is time-consuming and presents substantial challenges. However, we successfully accomplished this task while maintaining the desired level of quality. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the tasks involved, you can refer to the Pingle review. If you'd like to witness our work firsthand, feel free to try playing "Five Nights at Freddy's" on the Nintendo Switch.

2. Reducing Expenses

Hiring professionals like a CTO, HR Director, and other essential team members can be costly.

When you analyze websites like Ziprecruiter.com, you'll realize you can spend about $15,000 monthly on salaries alone. 
On top are additional expenses such as taxes (around 30%).
Setting up workspaces (an extra 10-15%).
Covering costs like sick leave and vacation pay.

A company must budget at least $20,000 monthly to maintain specialists primarily responsible for assembling the necessary team.

You save this substantially when you engage with game outsourcing studios because the required team is essentially "on call" and ready to execute your tasks. In Devoted Studios' experience, clients have saved an average of $15,000 throughout their last five orders.

3. Rapid Commencement of the Development Process

Game development is a process that relies on the collective efforts of a dedicated team. While essential, hiring high-quality professionals won't automatically translate into successful game creation. To achieve that, you must establish efficient workflows. It entails overseeing the process or bringing on board project managers, Scrum Masters, and other managerial roles.

Over the  years of our operation at Devoted Studios, we've mastered the art of constructing and swiftly adapting workflows to suit various tasks. This expertise enables us to kickstart the development process sooner and consistently accomplish 100% of the assigned tasks.

4. Enhanced Development Process Flexibility and Scalability

The game development process is inherently dynamic, demanding that teams be ready to adapt their business processes to achieve their goals more expeditiously. A case in point is 2018 when UE Blueprints gained widespread use. At that time, many company CTOs advocated for adopting this technology and sought developers with relevant expertise. For numerous companies, this entailed a laborious process of transitioning their development teams.

At Devoted Studios, we excel in streamlining this transition process. Our specialists exhibit high flexibility and scalability when utilizing the latest technology stacks.

We provide the following assurances:

24/7 support and regular project updates.
Expert talent management to enhance project outcomes.
Swift integration into your project at any phase.

We are always prepared to tailor our cooperation to suit your project requirements. If you require personalized guidance on your tasks, please share your contact information, and our experts will help you explore the most suitable options.

5. Reducing Risks

At Devoted Studios, we acknowledge that entrusting game development to an outsourcing studio is a significant responsibility. As such, we meticulously document all agreements within our contracts to instill confidence in our clients regarding the dependability of the process and the achievement of favorable outcomes. Our clients have substantiated this adaptability' and give positive feedback.

It's worth mentioning that engaging third-party game studios also presents an opportunity for companies to alleviate additional responsibilities associated with full-time employees. This is particularly relevant considering the wave of layoffs experienced by game company employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Devoted Studios has a well-defined algorithm for handling such scenarios, simplifying the need for intricate solutions in challenging situations.


In the preceding discussion, we've delved into the five most pertinent game outsourcing studios` advantages. Thanks to these advantages, this sector is experiencing rapid growth, fostering intense competition for gaming companies.

Devoted Game Outsourcing Studio has evolved into an efficient business partner, facilitating the achievement of objectives in crafting exceptional games. Over our years of operation, we take pride in every project we've contributed to bringing to fruition. We remain confident that in 2024 and beyond, we will continue to streamline the development process for companies and captivate gamers with unparalleled gaming experiences.