Best NFT games list 2022

Earn money while playing games. Check the list of top NFT games on the today game market.


Blockchain games are those that add non-fungible tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrencies to the gameplay providing the players with the ability to earn tokens while playing and trade them in the market. Platforms that include such features are called "play to earn" (P2E) NFT games. Blockchain games range from collectible card games, pocket monsters to role-playing games. Top NFT game companies generated $2.3 billion pf trading volume in the third quarter of 2021 according to The Motley Fool. In order to find out what is so special about them lets have a closer look at Top 5 the most popular NFT games on the market.


It is the mastodon of NFT, the first game that is a decentralized project built on the Ethereum blockchain. It gives players an opportunity to adopt and breed kitties, trying to secure the right traits in them for progression and collection. Cryptocat cross-breeding has been going on since November 2017 to this day. All of the cats are unique ERC-721 tokens, validated on large NFT markets like

Gameplay in CryptoKitties is quite simple. One should crossbreed kitties and occasionally solve puzzles. The goal of the game is to provide the cats with the rarest characteristics. The value of a cat depends on its starting characteristics and how they adjust as it grows. Cats with rare genes or old ones are especially expensive. Moreover, once you have a collection of fluffy cats, you can send them to KittyVerse, where they can participate in battles, obtaining useful items and reputation. A starter contribution is a must because you can't improve the kitties without having them.


A collectible card game with the ability to earn money
? That already sounds more interesting, at least from a gameplay point of view. Gods Unchained is a pure pay-to-win for an average player because one can collect the strongest cards for good price on the local exchange, or buy packs of cards directly from the developer. The basic set of cards available at registration allows you to assemble an adequate build and compete. The downside of these cards is that they cannot be speculated on the exchange, but you can use them to obtain rare and unique cards.

Of course, strong cards make it much easier to win in Gods Unchained, so without the upfront investment, it can take a while to develop your deck. The price depends directly on the rarity of the card and ranges from $2.49 to $149.99.



Town Star was developed by one of the creators of the popular Farm Frenzy franchise. The gameplay of Town Star largely copies the gameplay of its progenitor, complementing the mechanics of the farm with the ability to manage their virtual assets and earn money.

The project is a part of Gala Games' blockchain gaming platform, which aims to transform gamers' experience by incorporating NFT into a farm algorithm that is already familiar to many gamers. Town Star is a real-time strategic city management simulation game. The player needs to make buildings, purchase equipment, hire employees, and interact with other players to develop their city and earn TOWN game currency.

All in-game assets which are buildings, equipment, and inventory are NFT tokens, each of them contributes to earnings. Every account in Town Star has its level called Gala Power. With each additional level of Gala Power, the player can add 1 additional NFT-item to their town, allowing them to earn more TOWN currency. In other words, the owner of the first level can profit with only one NFT-item, while the player with the fifth level can do the same, but with five active NFT-items.



Thetan Arena is a full-fledged MOBA where players have to assemble heroes and fight in the arena. An important difference from previous games is the possibility of a free start, so you can try out the game without investing and start saving THC, the main game currency needed to acquire characters.

The higher the rank of the character is, the more battles with rewards it can take part in. Similar to the level in Town Star, where Gala Power reflects the number of active NFT-assets, here the rank affects the number of available games with the reward. That said, the higher a character's rank, the more THC it gets for winning battles. As you can imagine, a free character will get very little reward, but it helps to understand the basic mechanics of the game.

In addition to THC, there is a second kind of token in the game called Thetan Gem (THG). The holder of THG is entitled to participate in the development of the Thetan Arena meta-universe, as well as take part in stacking, receive dividends from the project treasury and improve their characters. To omit a misunderstanding, stacking is a type of passive income by simply storing cryptocurrencies.



Axie Infinity is a kind of controversial collectible NFT game. First of all, it looks pretty similar to CryptoKitties. The only difference is that you have to collect and interact with not only cats but  various cute Axie animals. Collecting animals is tightly intertwined with the card system and turn-based battles.

Of course, all of the animals are unique, and what distinguishes them is their special set of skills that is used in battle with other players. Each pet in the game is tied to an NFT token. They can be traded on the in-game exchange and rented out to new players, because Axie Infinity requires an impressive investment for a minimally comfortable start. For example, a new player needs a team of three Axies, starting at $90 each.

As you may see from our top list, NFT games include different genres and scenarios. One can choose a game according to their taste and preferences and benefit from it while enjoying the whole process.