Devoted SpeakEasy #11: Portfolio Review with Horia Dociu

Game Art Behind-the-Scenes: How Art Directors Estimate Artists’ Portfolios with Horia Dociu | Devoted SpeakEasy E11

This episode is an absolute must-watch for those who are looking for a job for exciting and huge projects. You will find out what happens to your portfolio after you send it out to prospective employer — how it is estimated by the studio and Art Director.

Together with Horia Dociu and Ninel Anderson we reviewed the portfolios of some amazing artists such as Kekai Kotaki, Levi Hopkins, Carlyn Lim, John Powell, and others. Have a look behind the scenes of the candidate review process and get some precious piece of advice how to improve your own profile.

Timecodes for your quick navigation:

( 00:00 ) — Intro
( 00:28 )  — Horia’s tips for designing a portfolio
( 2:23 )  — Kekai Kotaki’s art and portfolio analysis
( 7:30 )  — Kekai Kotaki’s personal artworks
( 9:53 )  — Levi Hopkins and his gorgeous environments
( 13:40 ) —  Carlyn Lim and her epic monsters
( 20:03 ) —  John Powell — a “Swiss knife” of the CGI industry
( 23:22 )  — David Heidhoff and his universal art skills
( 24:26 )  — Concept art pieces and illustrations of Naomi Baker
( 27:29 ) —  Putting your own touch to portfolio pieces
( 32:00 )  — Attention to details when designing your portfolio

Watch the full episode at the link.