CASE 09. Full Development and Porting for Coin Hunt World

Devoted Studios role: Full Cycle Game Development, Porting
Tech details: Unity, Blockchain, Geolocation, Mobile

About the Game

Coin Hunt World is a free-to-play-to-earn mobile Geo-location and metaverse game. Gameplay involves exploring the real world, earning and using Keys to open Vaults, completing Quests, collecting valuable items and building structures in the Cubieverse.

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About the Project 

Devoted sourced a stellar development team that fit all of Titanium Toaster's requirements, and supplemented an Art Director to to bring this awesome blockchain based geolocation mobile game to completion. After the launch, we've continued to work together for Coin Hunt World's live operations, with customer support, continuing to create more and more adorable Cubies, a supplemented game designer for additional levels, and more.


The game is fully released on Android, beta version is available for iOS. The game is available for the United States, Canada, the UK, El Salvador, and Philippines.