Fortnite New Unreal Editor: Everything You Need to Know

April marked the exciting reveal of Epic Games' new Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) at its State of Unreal 2023 presentation. This powerful application is set to launch on the Epic Games Store as a public beta, and will provide access to a variety of incredible features! It even comes with a brand-new scripting language called “Verse”. Does it mean significant evolution in Unreal Engine services? Let’s find out!

What Is UEFN?

Epic's new Unreal Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) allows users the same customization capability used to create Fortnite. From terrain to props, players are able to construct unique spirits and tastes in their creations—ones that may look nothing like what Fortnite is famous for.

In fact, during a live demo onstage, Epic displayed a notably distinct world. Instead of cheery colors and grids overflowing with zestful cartoon creatures, we got an earthy experience with browns and tans dominating the screen.

But groundbreaking technology will be more than just gorgeous visuals: Epic also intends for interoperability between Fortnite and UEFN assets, enabling creative labor to shift quickly from one place to another. Bringing one's innovation across platforms has become easier than ever before!

In 2018, Fortnite officially launched its Creative mode, which since then has become increasingly popular in the Unreal game development industry. It is even – importantly – a successful platform for players to make money as content creators. Epic has been actively positioning UEFN as an effective tool for both experienced Unreal Engine 5 developers and novice players wishing to elevate their expertise beyond Epic's thoughtfully implemented in-game editing tools inherently included in Fortnite Creative. It is quite advantageous, suitable to the varying natures of such experience levels present across global Fortnite audiences using UEFN’s accessible game developer environment and potent creative array of drag & drop features.

“Verse” – a New Scripting Language

Epic Games has added a brand new scripting language, "Verse," to its epic development platform, UEFN. According to Epic, this is an exciting move that makes game creation more accessible without sacrificing the flexibility and power typically desired in modern development. Verse is radically easier on developers than traditional programming languages, allowing the visionaries behind these virtual worlds the tools they require to make their creations come alive. 

This specialized scripting language also makes the path toward becoming a creator much smoother and simpler. Effectively streamlining the entire process means Unreal developers no longer need to worry solely about successful coding - instead they can focus on finding new ways to craft unique and exciting experiences through vivid imaginary universes.

UEFN could be a game-changer for creators who need to import custom assets. By granting access to assets from both the popular Fortnite and Unreal Engine platforms, the process of creation will be endlessly streamlined. Unreal development is able to take advantage of UEFN's powerful toolset that can produce an innovative, one-of-a-kind game outside the classic Fortnite universe. This unprecedented level of interoperability creates new opportunities for developers and motivates them to develop awesome new experiences. With such open tools and abilities, creativity knows no bounds!

It looks like Epic Games is raising the stakes with their new UEFN update for the Fortnite franchise. Players and creators have been presented with a fantastic opportunity to build customized game worlds and import custom assets, meaning a previously unattainable level of creativity is now finally within reach. The impressive programming tools available, such as the new scripting language, make game development more accessible too. On top of that, the public beta on the Epic Games Store means any created content can be seen with ease. It’s officially an exciting time for gaming as witnessed by this newly launched feature: developers and players pay attention and scan for what new creations arise as a result of UEFN!