Devoted SpeakEasy #15: Virtual Production Insights with Noah Kadner

Have you ever wondered how the epic battle scenes in your favourite blockbuster movies were created?

The answer might surprise you. Some of the biggest Hollywood movies today are being produced using Virtual Production technology.

Virtual Production is a cutting-edge technology that uses game engines and real-time rendering to create movie scenes in a virtual environment. This technology has revolutionized the way movies are made, enabling filmmakers to create photorealistic environments, characters, and visual effects in real time.

In this episode, we'll be discussing the incredible possibilities that Virtual Production offers filmmakers. We'll be joined by a special guest, Noah Kadner, a renowned figure in the Virtual Production world.

Meet Our Guest

Noah Kadner is the founder and editor-in-chief of, co-founder of The Virtual Company, and a senior writer for Epic Games, Apple, and American Cinematographer magazines. He is also the author of the Virtual Production Field Guide series for Epic Games and the host of the Virtual Production Podcast.


The Topics We Discussed in the Episode

During the episode, we'll explore the skills required for artists who work with Virtual Production technology, including game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity. We'll also discuss the demand for professionals in this field, which is growing rapidly as more and more filmmakers adopt this technology.

But Virtual Production isn't just limited to the movie industry. It has the potential to transform many other industries, including architecture, automotive design, and even education. We'll discuss the exciting possibilities of Virtual Production in these fields as well.

Finally, we'll take a look at how to get involved in Virtual Production and start creating Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an experienced filmmaker, this technology offers incredible opportunities for creativity and innovation.

So, tune in to this episode of our podcast to learn more about the exciting world of Virtual Production and its potential to revolutionize the way we create and experience media:

Timecodes for your convenient navigation:

( 00:00 ) - Intro
( 00:44 ) - Our guest - Noah Kadner
( 01:20 ) - VP: Combining movies and videogames
( 05:12 ) - How to start doing Virtual Production
( 09:41 ) - Virtual production process and stages
( 12:06 ) - VP Market Share
( 15:05 ) - How to get a job in Virtual Production?
( 16:19 ) - Industry difficulties and areas for improvement
( 18:44 ) - Evolving technologies
( 20:04 ) - AI for Virtual Production
( 23:04 ) - NeRF models in VP
( 24:30 ) - How VP can be used beyond the movie industry