Legal Associate (Corporate, Contractual, Research and Compliance)

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Devoted Studios is a production management company for external development in video games. With a mission to create equal opportunity for all talent globally to work on the games of their dreams, Devoted Studios aims to decentralize game development. We partner with 1400+ programmers, artists, and designers, from freelancers to small studios, all over the world, and not only match them to project opportunities but manage the production from A-Z.


1. BA/Master’s Degree in Law;

2. Fluent in English- able to communicate fluently with partners and clients;

3. Minimum 3 years of experience in corporate law (preferably international tax law, international corporate finance, and compliance);

4. Ability to communicate with team and external providers;

5. Proficient in research, open-minded, and organized.

Reporting CLO and CFO. This means that:

  • The CFO sets corporate support and operational support  tasks and projects and overall priorities (acts as an administrative manager, budget owner, and one of the key stakeholders/customers);
  • The CLO sets legal research and documentation tasks,  reviews and accepts the results of work, makes final decisions in core legal areas and adjusts priorities (acts as a functional manager and legal decision-maker).


1. Tax & Legal Research (35%)

1. Conduct legal research. Gather info on corporate and compliance matters. Eg. look for tax rates, and labor compliance matters in the counties of states of our presence: USA, Canada, EU, Latin America).

2. Legal Entities Corporate Support (20%)

1. Register new legal entities: assist local registration agents in the preparation of incorporation documents. (Counties: the USA, Canada, and the EU);

2. Open bank accounts. Open investing accounts at financial institutions. Issue credit cards;

3. Manage legal documentation (e.g legal register,  cap tables, equity contribution);

4. Implement customer legal and credit risk assessment procedures

3. Legal Operations (15%)

1. Process inbound and outbound KYC/AML/financial regulations requests from banks and fin. institutions;

2. Prepare intra-company agreements (e.g. service provision, loan agreements );

3. Organize signing of certificates of acceptance;

4. Double check that all the documentation (agreements, SOW,, certificates of acceptance) are in place, organized, and signed.

4. Service Providers Management (15%)

1. Look for new service providers for (legal, tax, accounting, payroll, pension, and health insurance services, as required by business needs);

2. Manage contract signing and communication with them;

3. Oversee and manage, as a project manager, relationships with service providers globally.

5. Labour payot matters  (10%)

1. Research local employee rights, employer obligations, and termination rules. Prepare FAQ guide and support team on labor-related matters;

2. Find new payroll service providers. Perform the initial setup of payroll systems and transfer.

6. Global Compliance & Risk Management and Other (5%)

1. Ensure compliance with international laws and regulations, both for service and product business segments. Develop and maintain compliance calendar;

2. Conduct regular legal audits to identify and assess potential legal risks associated with the company’s operations and contractual engagements;

3. Develop strategies and policies to mitigate identified risks, (e.g. risk management protocols and training staff on compliance matters);

4. Ensure adherence to data protection regulations such as GDPR. Create policies and procedures to safeguard both corporate data.


We offer:

  • Strong and enthusiastic team – you will have the opportunity for knowledge sharing, learning, and professional self-development
  • Interesting and challenging tasks – solve diverse and challenging issues, communicate with people within the company as well as with our partners
  • Convenient working conditions – remote work, opportunity to build your own working day with flexible working hours
  • А chance to work in a highly professional and dynamic team working with a wide range of international game production projects, attractive remuneration package, and opportunities to develop professionally.


This position is 100% remote and we are hiring worldwide.

We are an equal opportunity company and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for a contract without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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