Future of Game Development Processes and AI. SpeakEasy with Serge Knystautas

We find ourselves comparing the GameDev industry's past to its present while discussing its future. Think back to news about the thrill Ubisoft developers felt when Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was released in 2003. They knew full well that the game's captivating gameplay and plot would draw in players.

As we fast-forward to the present, we observe a clear evolution in game creation techniques, with a noticeable trend towards online and open-world games—the "finish line" for a game used to be its release. For modern games, though, the release is only the beginning—many bug patches and content upgrades are still to come.

Today in SpeakEasy, we are privileged to have Serge Knystautas, a seasoned expert in the game production department, share his invaluable insights. His expertise has been instrumental in ensuring games.

About Serge Knystautas

Currently employed by the company as an engineer, Serge Knustautas has had an exciting career path that began with creating email servers based on Java and led him to work on projects like Singularity 6 and other well-known games like Valorant.

Game Development and AI

Serge is well-versed in the game production industry's current trends and controversial nuances. He has seen the successes of AAA games firsthand and actively contributed to creating popular online gaming experiences. Moreover, his vast knowledge allows him to predict how AI will change the game development industry in the future. 

We cover a variety of subjects in our interview insights with Ninel Anderson and Serge Knystautas, including:

  • Wants to configure the most influential work of the development department;
  • Plans to choose a relevant direction for its future game;
  • Preparing for AI to take a job from developers.

One of Serge's main superpowers is teamwork. Thanks to the work on sports games at Prestosports, our guests know how to set up effective teamwork. And about this, below.

Four principles of modern game developer work

If you pay close attention to what Serge has to say, you'll pick up four valuable tips that are essential for game creators to know:

1. Listen to the player: Use a Community Manager's help to interact with gamers to determine what should be created first. Players express many wishes simultaneously, and only skilled community managers can translate this cacophony into insightful information. Even though you can have your vision, players naturally point you in the appropriate path for the following improvements. Prepare to compile and rank upcoming features appropriately.

2. Set proper priorities: Trying to do everything at once will always result in less productivity when finishing chores on time. Prioritize your tasks and give them your best effort.

3. We don't like simple! Accept challenges: You should assemble a team of eager developers for complex tasks. When challenges are seen as opportunities, the idea of problems is replaced with positive potential. These kinds of functions draw talented people who make excellent games.

4. Add a little chaos: While control is still necessary in any undertaking, allowing for some managed anarchy is also essential. While following plans to the letter may appear convenient, controlled chaos encourages creativity and may result in original solutions. Now and again, they stray from the conventional and adopt a different viewpoint on well-known components. It helps with both avoiding bugs and making complex problems easier to solve.

You will profit more from your work if you apply these concepts.

Briefly about AI and GameDev

Have you heard the rumors that AI will soon supplant programmers? Serge frequently evaluates the capabilities of AI platforms and contrasts them with the output of other expert teams. After this process, he concluded that while AI cannot completely replace GameDev developers just yet, such platforms can still be useful.

What precise function does AI serve in game development, then? Listen to our guest on the Devoted Studios YouTube channel for in-depth analysis. With a wealth of other insightful information, Serge dives into creating an efficient development team in GameDev and offers helpful advice.

You'll learn more about the possible uses of AI in game development and how to maximize the performance of your development team by hearing about Serge's experiences and knowledge.