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Top game franchises ported to mobile


Development of game porting allowed us to see our favorite games on mobile. Check the best franchises that now are available on iOS and Android.

The best games that were ported to mobile platforms

Ports of "big" video games to mobile platforms are gradually becoming commonplace. If before it was difficult to imagine that GTA: San Andreas could be played on a cell phone, today it is not surprising to see similar projects that have become legends of PC-gaming in app stores. 

Sega has launched the Sega Forever service, which allows users to play the developer's famous retro games for free on iOS and Android devices. A couple of years ago Sony was hiring a PlayStation Studios executive to focus on porting the most popular PlayStation franchises to mobile devices considering to get involved in the mobile game market. Seems like mobile porting is becoming more and more popular for the last 5-7 years. 

We don’t know if this trend will become viral and it would be possible to play any game with a smartphone. But we have selected some prominent examples of the games ported from PC to Android and iOS. If you put them off for a long time, it's a great excuse to start acquaintances or go again, but without the need to sit in front of the monitor.

Grand Theft Auto

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to run GTA 5 or at least GTA 4 on mobile devices. But this is the HD universe of the series. And the 3D universe Rockstar has successfully ported. This includes GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Each game has been ported to Android and iOS with no changes to the story or gameplay.

The developers had to cut down on the graphics, which caused dissatisfaction among gamers. Except that on small screens the difference is almost invisible and the waves of abuse have spilled over the Internet almost without reason. After all, each of the games presented in the original form, with optimized controls for touch screens, without lags, even on phones of medium-low segment. A real gift for fans!

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

The first ever interactive movie from Quantic Dream Studios. The game was re-released in 2015 with improved textures, HD resolution, and gamepad support. Among the supported platforms appeared iOS. The Android remaster didn't arrive until a year later.

This is a real adventure movie, in which you yourself make decisions that affect the ending (there are three). Charismatic characters, supernatural events, oppressive atmosphere, interesting dialogue, fascinating investigations - Fahrenheit certainly does not disappoint. Only play it when you have plenty of free time to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game without falling out of it every 15 minutes.

This War of Mine

An emotional side-scroller with survival elements that introduces you to the horrors of wartime on behalf of ordinary people. You will gain control of a group of civilians and try to protect them from hunger, cold and marauders. Spoiler - there will be a lot of death. Don't expect a happy ending either. This is a harsh world, a real hell. The port doesn't differ from the PC version, because the graphics were originally two-dimensional, and the content didn't need to be cut. If you want to know what war can really be in modern conditions, without rose-colored glasses and Hollywood cliches, play.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

One of the best games in the Star Wars universe was ported for mobile devices. KotOR is considered to be not only a great RPG adventure in the Star Wars setting - it's one of the most iconic games in the genre. After all, it came to us from the days when Bioware Studios was associated with the highest quality. But, let's not talk about sad things. The port came out decent, the game is pulled even by weak phones. All the missions, characters, dialogues, plot twists - are preserved.

Call of Duty Mobile

The famous series of first-person shooters has now migrated to mobile devices, and for free! Includes multiplayer battles in a variety of modes: standard 5 on 5 team combat, royal battle, survival against zombies, duel on sniper rifles and so on. There is a rich selection of equipment: weapons, costumes, characters, equipment items, and so on.

From the original games in Call of Duty Mobile has moved a lot. For example, you will be able to play on the maps that were in Modern Warfare and Black Ops. There is a ranking table - you are invited to prove your superiority among the others.


The classic first-person shooter has arrived on Android in the form of a re-release of BFG, and it's sure to please fans of science fiction. Probably everyone knows about this game, but in case you missed it, we tell you: it's a dynamic shooter in the spirit of the old school, in which you will engage in the extermination of demons on Mars. Nothing extra - here's the gun, here's the enemies, go!

Despite the monotonous gameplay, DOOM 3 managed to become one of the best games in its genre. It was praised for its brisk action, excellent graphics (for those times) and interesting storyline that is not typical for such shooters. The BFG Edition also included additional levels, and the sound and lighting were redesigned.

Observing the best mobile ports in recent years, we can trace a rather clear trend: the most successful mobile ports happen for RPGs and shooters. Such projects look good in the mobile, and all the necessary UI solutions have been found. It's not a quick revolution, and there's not a wave of big releases on mobiles, but every year there are more and more interesting ports. What games do you expect to see in mobile next?